Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Starting with ember.js and Rails

For a new project, I've been investigating frameworks for a richer front-end. I settled on because it provides a reasonably understandable object model and it has features like templating baked in, rather than needing to be added manually like in many other javascript frameworks. Ember.js also has the ability to define bindings that automatically update your view by manipulating the bound javascript objects.

After some investigation, I found some useful posts on setting up an Ember.js application, one rails specific and one that introduces a layout system and a routing system. This prompted some experimentation to set up a front end that is manageable, suits the project and allows us to quickly add to the front-end.

The end result is a set of generators and asset-pipeline suitable gems for quickly getting started with Ember.js. The first thing to note is that the generators are opinionated - they assume you are using and within the Rails asset pipeline. To help with this, the bootstrap generator adds the appropriate gems to your Gemfile.

More details can be found in the git repositories for the 4 gems created for the project:

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