Friday, 22 February 2013


While newsletters and podcasts are both good ways of getting digests of weekly news, you're likely to want to find out news faster in some subjects. For this, having a good collection of blogs that you follow helps.

It's important to keep your collection well curated. If you follow too many blogs then you are likely to find yourself in the position of being unable to read and process the latest posts on them all. A good feed aggregator is useful for this purpose.

I use google reader to aggregate the blogs I follow. My collection is mostly curated for blogs relating to ruby, ruby on rails, and web programming in general. I also subscribe to the DZone feed, but this is less focussed on areas I am interested in and harder to keep up with as a lot of content gets pushed through DZone.

Good blog suggestions and curation tips are appreciated.


  1. is a good general resource on html, css, javascript and some design tools.

    Maybe not your main focus of interests, but it's a refreshing not-only-programming mix of news.

  2. As a fan of magazine format apps, I've been experimenting with the Chrome Feedly extension and the Android app to read my Google Reader content. There's a Feedly Firefox extension and an iOS app too. Flipboard provides similar functionality.